I have truly appreciated all of the time you have spent with my children. They have felt your love for art but even more so, your love for them. You have done a tremendous job teaching them how to express their ideas through art and it will be a great asset for the rest of their lives. Thank you!

Kathy Shirley

Experiences at Adventure are woven into the fabric of my three girl's childhood and I am so thankful! I took my kids to "Miss Linda" not to learn how to draw or paint, but for the sacred experience of being in this quiet zone of concentration where they learn to relate to themselves as artists . At the same time they find themselves engaged in absorbing the most academic, rigorous and classical approaches to art. I'm a teacher by profession and have learned so much of what I know from Miss Linda. She has inspired my daughter, now having completed her BA and illustration, to follow in her footsteps. I am so thankful for Art Adventure!

Mayli Levin

My time spent at the Art Adventure Studio was very rewarding.  Linda encourages and engages her students in such a way as to bring out their unique thoughts and creativity.  It was a fun evening doing what I love to do and seeing all the student’s artwork come to life.  It was a true honor to be able to spend time at the Art Adventure Studio with Linda and her students.  I wish them all a world of success on their journeys.

Steve Barton